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Questions, questions and answers.

What is Eat Appy?

Eat Appy is an easy to use mobile phone App and website system through which people can order food direct from you. Eat Appy can be uniquely branded with your own details. Don't be fooled by mobile sites pretending to be Smartphone Apps. Eat Appy provides genuine Apps available on Google Play & App Store as well as a fully functioning mobile/internet website. (Gives your customers the best of both worlds, because they can order through your App or from your internet website).

Why do I need Eat Appy?

Technology is changing the way we run every aspect of our life. More and more people are now using their mobile phone to make purchases online, and takeaway food is no exception. Smartphone's now account for over half of all mobile devices and this number is set to increase.

There are many benefits in having your own customised mobile phone App, here are just a few.

  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Gives a professional image to your business.
  • Instantly advertise special offers and deals which get sent straight to their mobile phones, increasing your sales. (Mobile marketing).
  • Customers can order direct through your App at anytime, rather than sifting through local competition on other food portals.
  • Overcome any language barriers that can sometimes happen with telephone orders, never get an order wrong again.
  • With Eat Appy, you can update your menu and prices, independently of anyone else (Food ordering portals often require you to give notice)
Is there a fixed term contract?

No, there is no fixed term and you are free to leave at anytime.

How long does Eat Appy take to set up?

We aim to get most people up and running within 14 days

How do I sign up?

Please click here to contact us.

How do I receive orders through the App/website?

When we set you up with Eat Appy, we will provide you with an app which suitable for an Android Tablet or PC, on which you will receive orders in real time, directly from customers using your App or your mobile/internet site.

Does the App support credit card payments?

You are in complete control of which options you want to offer your customers, they can pay for their order in the following ways.

  • Direct in the App via PayPal (using their card or PayPal account, payment goes straight to you Paypal account is required for this option).
  • The option to ask you (through the App/website) to call them to take payment over the phone, using your payment system
  • You can sign up to our easy payment facility to enable you to take payments on delivery
Do I have to take mobile payments/online payments?

No, you get to choose which payment options you offer.

Do I have to offer delivery?

No, you get to choose whether you want collection, delivery or both.

How much will it cost me?

No set up fee, No contract period, No catch, No Brainer.

No Commission, only the small fee of $35 +GST per week.

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